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Let them praise His name with dancing, making melody to Him with tambourine and lyre!

Psalm 149:3

Belinda A. Sáenz is a Dance Educator, Triple-Threat Performer, Choreographer, Instructional Specialist, Scholar, Performing Arts Entrepreneur, and Doctoral Candidate currently residing in the border of Texas and Mexico. She collaborates remotely with organizations in NYC. Access her performance and teaching portfolios.


Read about her experience, education, and projects.

Find out what new works are in progress.

Visit Belinda's gallery of performance pictures and video clips.

Check out her repertoire of solo and group work.

Find out what Belinda currently has on tap via the calendar.


Visit Belinda's Web site often. We'll keep you posted with updated content on Belinda's comings and goings. You're always welcome and feedback is greatly appreciated. 



Belinda is affiliated to these organizations as an employee, active member, and/or alumna. It is her honor to collaborate with them in making a better world, through the arts and education!

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