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Hence it is from the representation of things spoken by means of posture and gesture that the whole of the art of dance has been elaborated.            



 Dance Interrelated Curriculum and Multimodal Literacies

2013 FlyTime Dance Kids Camp at The Yard

Martha's Vineyard

2013 FlyTime Dance Kids Camp at The Yard in
Martha's Vineyard vs London Experience
Graduate Project
July  29- Aug. 9, 2013
NYU London Summer Abroad 



  • English & Media Ctr: Focus on Media Literacy in the curriculum, teaching poetry and critical theory.

  • Multimodal literacies for community activism in Tottenham.

  • Media & Migration Photojournalism Workshop.

  • Shakespeare & Drama workshops

  • Radio Programming on Literary Topics.

  • Literacy lesson group project and/or individual portfolios. 

NYU London

Literacy Teaching and Learning: Effective Schools for Cosmopolitan Democracies in UK

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