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Belinda joins Canady Foundation for the Arts Repertory Company

September 24, 2021

By Marjuan Canady 

The CFA Rep Theatre is a resident theatre company that embodies culture, spirit and storytelling. Rooted in community and social justice, CFA Repertory Theatre comprises some of the best young theatre talent in the country who specialize in performing theatre of the African Diaspora and theatre for Young Audiences.

CFA Rep has performed at over 70 schools, festivals, and organizations and on premiere stages including: The John F. Kennedy Center, Smithsonian Discovery Theater, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Zimmer Children’s Museum, IATI TEATRO, Duke Ellington Theatre, Atlas Performing Arts Center, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, The Publick Playhouse, etc.

Belinda joins CallalooKids NYC

October 23, 2017

By Marjuan Canady 

Callaloo is a children’s media brand that promotes cultural understanding and social awareness education for toddlers and children ages 3-7 through books, animation, live performance, digital content, games and arts education tools

Belinda Sáenz: Dance is my life

September 19, 2017

By Miguel Angel Garcia Molina -Prazna Magazine

Born in El Paso, Texas, Belinda A. Sáenz lived in Juárez, México until she finished her high school education. While she was studying at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), she had diverse opportunities that propelled her artistic growth.

In view of her efforts and dedication, she has recently joined Disney Theatrical Group as a teaching artist . Belinda plans to offer annual master classes and workshops in Juárez-El Paso starting summer 2018.  

"I want to share with my borderland all about my projects, all I have learned and keep learning in order to keep in touch with my hometown, and in the future, create exchange opportunities for students and educators" 

Juarense Dancer Live in a Whole New World with Disney on Broadway

September, 2017

By Carlos Soria-NET Información Total

Year 10/Edition 118

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Méx 

"From the border, Belinda Sáenz is now going to triumph at the world's mecca of musical theatre. Belinda walked through the streets of this border city. In her everyday and seemingly normal walk hides a great talent that has reached a new summit: Disney Theatrical Productions on Broadway."

Articles written Spanish for Mexican magazine NET Información Total. Translated by B Sáenz

Article also available in the state edition. 

Dancing to the pace of her dreams

August 13, 2017

By Natalia Piña -El Diario

After preparing very hard to be a dancer and educator of this discipline, Belinda Sáenz finds herself putting up the name of the border <Juarez-El Paso> in New York. The artist, who resides since 2012 in the 'city of skyscrapers', will begin work in September as teaching artist with Disney Theatrical Group  as part of the education and community programing of Disney on Broadway. "I went through an application process, interviews and auditions before receiving the offer to be a Disney ambassador to present workshops, courses and classes in schools, with groups of students and dancers who want to learn from the stage montages of the institution," Said Sáenz.

In addition to this new project, she serves as an assistant professor and assistant principal of the Kaleidoscope Educational Dance Company, New York University Dance Education (NYU) Steinhardt, and as a teaching artist at the Center for The largest fine arts in the world, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

BWW Review: Digging in Deep with JOYA POWELL/MOVEMENT of the People Dance Company

February 5, 2016

By Caryn Cooper


"The work featured the world premiere of the piece Song and Dance You with choreography by Joya Powell and the members of the Movement of the People Dance Company -- Jenny Efremova, Brittany Grier, Jhia Jackson, Megan Minturn,Rachel Moore, Leah Moriarty, James Murray, Belinda Saenz, and Candace Tabbs -- along with live music by violinist Zoe Aqua and text by Amina Henry (...) The commitment the dancers had for their characters was exceptional! I felt so many emotions including frustration and sadness. I also felt happiness from my laughter and from hearing the wonderful singing by Ms. Saenz, who has a lovely voice.

Belinda feautured at People Magazine during Calpulli's performace at People En Español Festival 2015 

November 2, 2015


Belinda is always proud to promote Mexican culture and traditions through her work with Calpulli Mexican Dance Company. In this occasion she was thrilled to join her Calpulli family to perform for the People En Español Festival 2015 held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on October 17. 


Danza Mexicana Maravilla a NY

August 5, 2015

By Diario de México Edición USA


La danza mexicana es respetada en la Unión Americana, donde incluso hay compañías dedicadas a preservar esta tradición.
Como parte de los festejos del programa anual “Patrimonio Domingo”, la Calpulli Mexican Dance Company presentó bailes propios de diversas etnias de México, robando la atención del público y la prensa local. Incluso el diario New York Times dedicó un amplio texto resaltando la presentación de los dancistas mexicanos.



The New York Times-Review: ‘Heritage Sunday’ and ‘Ache: Lavagem da Rua’ Maintain Culture Through Dance

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company at Lincoln Center Out of Doors 

August 4, 2015

By Brian Seibert

"This terrific company of warm, generous dancers and a mostly female band gave a quick, vibrant tour of Mexican traditions — from Yucatán, Oaxaca, Jalisco — with eye-popping costumes for every stop. The finale with flying machetes was something to see."



Frida Kahlo comes to life at the Botanical Garden

May 21, 2015

By Adrian Fussell


One year it’s whimsical, delicate blown glass, another it’s French poetry, this year it’s the work of a renowned Mexican painter. The New York Botanical Garden is committed to pairing art and plant life like this to remind its visitors that landscape deserves as much consideration as any painting or poem.



Belinda joins Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. as Teaching Artist 

April 2015


Belinda is thrilled to join the greatest performing arts center in the world as teaching artist. Besides her great passion for the arts and education, her admiration for the Philosopher Emeritus Maxine Greene (1917–2014) propels her artistic and pedagogical practices and inspires her to immerse deeply into the aesthetic education principles.  Belinda will present during the LCE Summer Forum: Learning Labs for Artists and Educators from July 6-24, 2015.



Calpulli Mexican Dance Company at City College Center for the Arts

November 6, 2014

By Stefanie Delgado


In the midst of post- Halloween hangovers and debauchery, a beautiful dance company restored a connected holiday to its cultural origins.
Calpulli Mexican Dance Company brought Dia de los Muertos to City College’s revitalized Center for the Arts November 1st, giving the audience a rich lesson or a sentimental journey, full of live music and lively dancers.

Belinda becomes member of the International Dance Council-UNESCO

August 2014


Belinda is proud to join the Conseil International de la Danse (CID), the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

CID is recognized by UNESCO, national and local governments, international organizations and institutions.

It brings together the most important international, national and local organizations, as well as select individuals active in dance.

Belinda will now offer to her students the International Certification of Dance Studies through a variety of courses. Stay tuned for the first modules…

Belinda obtains a Master of Arts in Dance Education and joins NYU Faculty.

May 19-21 2014

Belinda completed another milestone in her education on May 21st, 2014.  She was awarded the Western Scholarship, being the only MA Dance Education student graduating with Institute Honors. Besides the exciting celebration, walking with the dais party, and sharing the stage with NYU's Professors and other awardees, Belinda performed at the NYU Steinhardt Baccalaureate ceremony and her own Valedictory ceremony at Radio City Music Hall. She is thrilled to continue her collaboration and professional growth at NYU as she has been appointed as an adjunct professor with the NYU MA Dance Program. Belinda taught World Dance and Dance Composition at the NYU Summer Dance Intensive in July 2014, Intercultural Dance during the Fall 2014 and Tap during the Spring 2015. Belinda will also be Assistant Director of Kaleidoscope Dancers

Belinda attends The New York City Arts Roundtable Conference Face to Face 2014

April 16 & 17  2014

Belinda was thrilled to be recommended by Dr. Susan Koff to attend The New York City Arts in Education Roundtable Conference Face to Face 2014. During the Conference she was able to represent the NYU Steinhardt Dance Education Graduate Program, attend various workshops, lectures and innumerable new inspiring experiences. The Conference was held at the New York City College on April 16th and 17th, 2014. The highlight of the conference for Belinda was attending the Aesthetic Education and Social Imagination session presented by the Maxine Greene Center which gave Belinda the opportunity to meet the late Dr. Maxine Greene and be inspired by her closing remarks.

Belinda joins Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

August 2013


Belinda is thrilled to return to her roots as a performer. She has recently joined Calpulli Mexican Dance Company, a company which "celebrates the rich dance traditions of Mexico’s diverse cultural history interpreted through its unique artistic vision. The fresh, vital repertoire honors Mexico’s past and Mexican-American cultural expression in the United States."

Her first participation with Calpulli is scheduled for October 2013.

Belinda teaches at Dance The Yard

Summer 2013

July 29- August 9

Belinda was able to create an immediate connection with her London study abroad and a fascinating internship as dance educator in the 2013 FlyTime Dance Kids Camp at The Yard in Martha's Vineyard. Conveniently,  the multimodal literacies she explored throughout her summer courses in England fell into place while creating dance lessons for PreK-12.  Under the direction of NYU dance educator and choreographer Deborah Damast, the 4-week course was designed to engage students into a creative and artistic process that would let them experience dance and movement in relationship with the environment. Belinda introduced Mexican Folk dance during the closing week. 

Belinda Explores London 

Summer 2013

July 7- July 27


Belinda traveled to England from July 7 to July 27, 2013 to experience one of the most enriching, inspiring, and educational trips in her life.  During these 3 weeks, Belinda was engaged in workshops, lectures, performing arts events such as Shakespeare plays and musicals, and field trips along London, Oxford, and Stratford. The focus of her studies this summer was multimodal literacies and interrelated curriculum. 

Belinda Represents Musical Theatre Alumni at the UTEP's Music Department Homecoming Event

April 25, 2007

The Prospector 

Belinda was glad to return to her alma matter, The University of Texas at El Paso, to perform at the Music Department's 4th annual event. A Musical Homecoming was held at the Magoffin Auditorium and involved a magical array of musical pieces performed by students and alumni. Belinda was pleased to dance Granada by Issac Albeniz performed by the Guitar Ensemble.

Belinda as Micaela in The Serpent's Lover

March 12, 2004

UTEP What's up


"Meanwhile, Lem-kar Rodriguez and Belinda Saenz as the Inca rebel leaders have good chemistry and play off each other well, and the overall musical choreography (complete with Inca masks and tribal stomping) has a professional look." 

"Mientras tanto, Lem-kar Rodríguez y Belinda Sáenz como líderes rebeldes incaicos tienen buena química y trabajan bien en conjunto, y la coreografía musical en general (con máscaras incaicas y pisadas tribales) tiene un aspecto profesional ".

Audiences enjoy "Viva El Paso"  

August 29, 2003

El Diario De Juarez 


"The group of dancers and actors closed this season with a majestic performance in the Mckelligon Canyon amphitheater last Saturday. With 50 artists on stage, with their dance and performance toured the history of the region presenting different works, which included dance of the Mexican Revolution and the State of Chihuahua."

Belinda Portrays Two Principal Roles with "Viva El Paso" Season 2003

Junio 8 de 2003

Maribel Villalba- El Paso Times


Belinda performs as Principal and Special Edition Company Member (2003 -2004) at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater with El Paso Association for the Performing Arts.  Her appearances as Isabella for Spanish Section and Spider Goddess for the Native American section were true highlights. 

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